C3 Business Information is the exclusive distributor of SkyMinder in the Americas, a product of CRIF S.p.A. – the premier provider of Global Company Information.

SkyMinder is an aggregator, providing its users access to some 50 different sources for business information that collectively cover more than 230 countries – all without a subscription. Through one website, our clients have access to what is arguably among the very best information providers on a country by country basis


SkyMinder offers several advantages:

  • On-line Global Content – Business reports that are generally accepted as more current and complete, and much less expensive than “traditional Providers”.  We offer options because we aggregate data from many of the most well-respected sources from around the world so you are never single-sourced.
  • Our Consultancy Availability – if you can’t find what you’re looking for on SkyMinder (or if you need the absolute freshest report possible), have our research team of experts do the work for you, and get the report to you ASAP.  This is extremely important when a need arises for information on small US companies or companies in areas where it’s very difficult to obtain information, such as Latin America, Africa or the Asia/Pacific Rim.
  • Our Business Model – no annual fees, unlimited users for no additional charge, you open a deposit account in an amount depending on your usage rate, no online, database, search or print fees . . . you only pay for the information that you choose to purchase. You may also pay as you go with a credit card.

Please contact us at (877) 586-0981 for more information